Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Why teachers cannot collaborate cross-state more often?

As I sit at the Iowa 1:1 institute conference, I marvel at the fact that teachers are LEARNING....and having fun!  Isn't this exactly what we want our students to do when they learn?  Have fun and learn at the same time!?  Professional development is something we all grimace, groan, and do because we are required by our districts.  It is ESSENTIAL, but needs to be meaningful.  I am amazed at the districts that are not changing, don’t see the need to change, but I am proud of the districts that are not 1:1, but sent their teachers so they can learn, share, collaborate and communicate so they can come back to their classroom to help teach their students to become 21st century learners.  We need more professional development like what I am receiving at the Iowa 1:1 Institute.  I attend the annual Iowa World Language Association Conference and am able to collaborate with other like foreign language teachers. Like this conference, IWLA has presentations that are given by teachers to teachers.  What better learning, when teachers are allowed to collaborate.  I think several schools in the state of Iowa are seeing the need for meaningful Professional Development and the NECESSITY of having teachers communicate with teachers beside who is within the four walls of their own school.  Collaborating and getting out, is part of how change happens and how we as teachers can team together ot make ourselves better.  Thank you Van Meter CSD for allowing this conference to happen for its teachers!  We want to keep learning----we want to learn so we can be a better teacher for our students…we want to have fun learning so we remember our students need to have fun too!  Schools who are planning professional development for next year...remember to make it meaningful and remember that collaboration is key....Meaningful learning will allow us to have fun.  Teachers as you plan your day of teaching...remember to make it meaningful---making learning meaningful, will make it fun for the students!  Something I myself have to remember!

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